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Building Bright Futures

At the foot of the Boschberg mountain lies the beautiful, quaint and simple little town, Somerset East. Gill Primary School, founded in 1976, forms part of the heart of our picturesque town, a school that prides itself on great education and a strong sense of community.

Apart from the excellent academic programme, presented in English and Afrikaans, we also offer a large selection of sport and cultural activities. 

Gill Primary School provides an enriched learning environment that has helped countless students learn, develop and grow. Our unparalleled curriculum and teaching methods help our learners take the next step in their education and approach high school with confidence.



We are SMALL but we dream BIG!

Gill Primary strives to educate each individual Gill-learner in a happy, disciplined and secure environment, where the dignity of the individual is upheld, to develop his/her full potential in mind, body and spirit.


This educational ideal requires Christian, educationally-justifiable, parallel medium education in English and Afrikaans and a common value system which includes respect, trustworthiness, compassion, responsibility, fairness and citizenship.


Whilst preserving and building upon the Gill traditions, we shall at all times be mindful of society’s changing needs and shall adapt where necessary, without compromising our standards.



Quintile 5, school fees paying school

Gill Primary’s Governing Body, elected by the parents, performs an enormous and comprehensive task – willingly and free of charge – in the interests of the school. The members are very well-acquainted with the needs of the school, its traditions and its future aims.

Gill Primary is a QUINTILE 5 public school where the payment of school fees are compulsory.


Parents of learners are therefore responsible for maintaining the high standard of education and the good school facilities and -environment by paying school fees. Failure to pay school fees places the school and other paying parents under pressure.

In terms of the Schools Act, the Governing Body is empowered to collect outstanding school fees through legal proceedings.


The Schools Act allows parents to apply for partial or complete exemption of school fees, subject to the process prescribed in the Schools Act.

School fees are determined annually, following the Budget, by the majority vote of parents at the Annual General Meeting in November.

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